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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Morning in Multan City

The City "Multan"

Multan the city of saints has been a center of learning, culture and civilization for centuries. It is one of the old cities of the world, its original name described by Hiuen Tsang, a Chinese traveler, who visited the city in October 641 A.D., was 'Mulo --san-pu-lu' which is believed to be a translation of 'Mulasthana-pura'. Al-Beruni, who came to South Asia in 1015 A.D. along with his Master Sultan Mahmud ghaznavi, writes about the town as 'Mulatana'. He visited Multan the same year and recorded that Multan was originally called 'Kasyapapura, then Hansapura, then Bhagapura, then sambapura and then Mulasthana. Sir Gen. Alexander Cunningham, after conducting excavation in the old Fort in 1853 A.D. and 1864 A.D., further ads to these names those of 'Prahladapura and Adysthana'. The first recorded event in the history is the invasion of the Alexander the Great in February 325 B.C.

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